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RISSALA POLO & ORGANIC FARMS - Sariska - Karnal - Kufri - Plassey, Bengal.

(Rissala – dictionary meaning- a group of disciplined armed, horse mounted soldiers)
Rissala” is an old Persian word meaning a group of mounted-disciplined-armed soldiers (Cavalry). Risaldar is a rank in the Indian armored corps. “dar” meaning Head/Leader. So head of a group of mounted soldiers or Sowars is Risaldar.Rissala today compromises of a group of serving & Ex-Army/Navy/Air force officers who are partners and friends and majorly into large scale organic farming, Cow Dairy, Wellness centers, Heritage boutique resorts, Equestrian & Horse Polo with our Polo clubs in various cities and countries, Heritage buildings, accusation of unique/Special inventions in the field of Agri, Power & defense, from around the world and recently entered the Auto Industry and pioneers of Electric scooters & Motorcycles in India.

Rissala Polo

Established in the year 1989 and registered as Rissala Polo in the year 1989 by its founder, Capt Ajay Ahlawat of the elite 61st Cavalry & 16th Cavalry, Rissala over time grew as a brand ambassador for polo worldwide and today is proudly associated with over 250 Polo Clubs worldwide, it today has over 1200 Indian Members and over 800 permanent International Life Members. Polo today is played in over 77 Countries worldwide. Rissala became the very first club in India to possess over 35 top class Argentinean Polo Ponies valued at over 1.5 Cr per Horse, These are the backbone of the Sport which catapulted Rissala into winning over 13 Polo Cups Nationally in a single polo season, a feat like no other which still remains to be surpassed.

Rissala is the only Private Polo club in the country owning over 15 Patented Rarest of rare Polo Trophies with a history of over 100 years and the Crown Jewel of its collection also happens to be one the most expensive polo trophy’s in the world – The Rissala – Maharani Gayatri Devi Gold Cup. Other polo trophies being, The Bharatpur Polo Championship, Sultan Johor Polo Trophy, Maharani Gayatri Polo Trophy, Maharaja Devraj Cup, Cavalry Polo Cup, Rissala Royal Polo Trophy, Warsaw – Rissala Championship trophy, Rissala -Cartier Polo Cup, The Royal Brunei Polo Cup, Rajmata Polo Trophy, Royal Jind Polo Championship, Polo Trophy – Wales, Prince Charles Polo Cup, The Gochhi Polo Trophy, The Skinners Polo Cup, Tiger Polo Cup, Aspen Crew Polo Cup, Sweden – Rissala Polo Cup.

Rissala is proud to be associated as partner with Cartier Worldwide and Instituted the Cartier Rissala Polo Cup & Tesla with Elon Musk being a life member. Rissala partnered with ITC and three other top hotels which have instituted the Rissala Polo Bars as a legacy to the sport of Polo.

World’s only Horse Cavalry Regiment, The 61st Cavalry’s Officers are directly associated with Rissala and active part of the club. Internationally reputed for their equestrian prowess.

Rissala Organics

Agriculture is the bedrock of our seed to shelf model – the very foundation of our commitment to consistent quality and food safety in both product and process. Rissala Polo & Organic Farm operates direct contract farming methods to secure crops. Customer orders are converted into crop sowing plans, allowing for resource control in agriculture leading to end products with perfect quality and food safety and environmental protection. The products we sell thus meet regulatory standards in Internationally.

The best growing areas for various crops have been identified based on years of experience. We plant and produce high return organic crops like – Stevia, Aloe vera, lemongrass, Tulsi, maize for large silage purposes, and any other organic products like potatoes, ginger, maize, wheat, rice, sugarcane, beetroot, vegetables on contract farming for national and international companies.

In India in the Northern states of Rajasthan, Haryana and Himichal Pradesh we grow Potatoes, Maize, Sugarcane, Green peas, Ginger, Garlic, Rice, Wheat, Amalas, Karonda, Pomegranates, Apples & Honey. In Western state of India- Bengal our crops are primarily Mangoes, Sugarcane, Rice & Jute. The best quality Papaya, Guavas, Bananas & Mangoes are sourced from Western Union territory of Daman & Diu

Our agri-operations have a positive socio-economic foot print impacting more than 10,000 farmers in key growing areas. Our operations positively impact local economies and stakeholders such as farm workers and staff for agri-operations. Women contribute significantly to our activities. We have also planted fruit and other important species of tree jungles where few acres of land is converted into jungles with various kinds of trees growing together in close proximity and fruit orchids. We are also planting fruit tree orchid, mainly Guava, Lemons, Litchi, Papaya & Chikoo, Mangoes.

The process of contract farming begins with pre-season contracts with farmers, thereby enabling a commitment to fair price. We source and provide farmers the highest quality seeds that are suitable for growing in particular climatic conditions to produce yields that adhere to quality standards that meet our customer requirements. In order to achieve this, we work with internationally renowned seed companies to select the best quality seeds determined through R&D trials.

All our crops are GMO free and our privately owned fields are pure organic and the farmers we work with are supported in growing crops through the technical guidance by qualified field personnel involving farmer training programmes. Communication on appropriate crop rotation practices and field sanitation is provided and field visits are monitored. The financing of crop growing by Rissala Polo & Organic Farm through input supplies enables small and marginal farmers to take up crop growing. In case of adverse weather, any losses due to crop failure are borne by the company. In order to nurture the relationship with farmers, field and factory trips are held to educate them about Good Agriculture Practices and recognize the best farmers.

Sustainable Agriculture Practices are followed that result in proper social, economic and environmental stewardship. For example to conserve water and improve fertilizer-usage efficiencies and yields, drip irrigation is implemented. Rissala Polo & Organic Farm has regularly carried out R&D in integrated pest and disease management, soil fertility and nutrition optimisation over many years. We stress upon cultural and biological control of pests and diseases.

Rissala Polo & Organic Farm good agriculture practices enable differentiation in product quality and farmer yields. In order to enable least time lag between harvesting and processing, we also provide last mile pick-ups at fields. Sustainable agriculture practices result in environmental protection and safe products for our customers and end-consumers.

Rissala farms in Delhi is spread over 15 acres, Sariska-200 acres, Karnal 300 privately owned & 1200 acres of leased land for 30 yrs, Kufri 30 acres and (Calcutta 8500 acres under process) We are in the process of setting up a silage business to cater to Appx 10,000 cows and a few selected dairy farms in India and for export purpose to UAE and Oman).

We have one dairy farm in Sariska spread over 100 acres producing organic milk to the tune of 25,000 liters every day and we sell the same under two brands – Rajdarbar & Rissala Organics (Premium brand). We also produce Cow Ghee, Curd, Organic Honey, and many other Agri products. Our second dairy is under development and will produce 10,000 liters of organic milk by Dec 2020. Our natural organic honey is exported to UK. We supply packaged food, mushrooms, pineapples,cherries, tomatos puree etc to many companies incl Del Monte.

RISSALA POLO & ORGANIC FARMS – is involved in the under mentioned activities.

· Maize silage for dairy animals
· Fruit orchids
· Wellness centre – Ayurvedic – top end.
· Agriculture – potatoes, wheat maze, rice, pulses, ginger, beetroot, sugarcane, Alfa-Alfa , vegetables, etc
· Contract farming
· Cold storage
· Bee farm
· Machinery Maize baler and cutter and packer. KLAUS MODEL
· Show case other progressive eqpt being used or planned to be procured for use incl drones for fumigation.
· Fishery farm.
· Polo club -riding and polo activities
· Organic farm living and tourism
· Farm houses and healthy organic living.
· Biotech lab and organic fertilizer manufacturing.
· Shed for storage.
· Swim pool and watering systems.
· Animals, pets and nature
· River Yamuna Ji
· Importance of water and its quality( why best whisky is made in Swiss or best fruits in Himichal etc)
· Organic cow dairy farm
· Rehat Traditional watering systems to keep connect.
· Farm Tourism and agriculture tourism.
· Hydrophonics.
· Fields of maize-potatoes-rice-wheat-AlfaAlfa-fruits-vegetables-pulses-ginger-beetroot-corn-
· Progressive eqpt being employed to bring in a revolutionary change in way agri done.
· Contract farming for export and multinational companies.